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Where the finest folk and acoustic musicians come to play.

"This duo brings an experimental spirit to traditional music, mixing Irish, Indian, and American influences into a sound as multi-cultural as a U.N. meeting.” ALBUQUERQUE JOURNAL


"Four Shillings Short definitely pushes the traditional envelope; as far as the Celtic end of it goes, it’s like Fairport Convention vs. the Pogues in a fight to the death.” GOOD TIMES/SANTA CRUZ

Four Shillings Short perform traditional & original music from the Celtic lands, Medieval & Renaissance Europe, India and the Americas on over 30 World instruments including Hammered & Mountain Dulcimer, Mandolin, Mandola, Bouzouki, Medieval and Renaissance Woodwinds, Native American Flutes, North Indian Sitar, Charango, Bowed Psaltery, Banjo, Bodhran, Guitar, Percussion, vocals and even a Krumhorn.


Prescott’s the Fare Thee Wells features the Folk Sessions’ Tom and Christa Agostino and the popular multi-instrumentalist Meg Bohrman.

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Four Shillings Short and

the Fare Thee Wells

Saturday, January 12, 7PM,

TIX: $20-$30



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